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Private Chauffeur in London

Private Chauffeur in London

We offer you a dedicated driver who is available to drive your own car or we can provide you with one of our luxury cars throughout London. You can book our luxury Mercedes-Benz v class van, Range Rover SUV or our Mercedes-Benz e class.

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Benefits of having your own dedicated private chauffeur

our private chauffeur will remain on standby for the duration of your booking. There's no need to call first, they will be ready and waiting to drive you around London. Your chauffeur will also be available via email, cell or through the office if you do need to make contact with them while you are at your appointment in London.

Private Dedicated Chauffeur

Where's The Parking? What Parking?

Finding parking before a business meeting or dinner is stressful enough, especially if you may be running late. Say goodbye to having to search for parking.


Clients safety is high priority

Whether driving to the airport or a business meeting, our company drivers will get you there safely. All drivers are required to complete professional training covering driving abilities as well as customer services.

Private Dedicated Chauffeur

We provide a streamlined and stress free experience

Once your booking is confirmed, you'll be allocated a professional driver within our company either on a part time or monthly basis to drive you around London. Your chauffeur will either drive in your car or one of our luxury cars.


Book a private chauffeur as you require

If you're looking for a once off trip around London for you and your family, we have drivers on standby who are always ready for you to book. We take private and corporate jobs on a once off basis as well. So if you need to collect clients from the airport, want a luxury chauffeur experience in London for work or personal purposes, we can help you.

Private Dedicated Chauffeur

Attention to detail is everything

Regardless of the duration of your booking, in addition to your preference sheet, your driver will spend the necessary time getting to know your habits such as the temperature you would like the car at, the route you prefer or the coffee that you would like in the morning..

Female chauffeurs available

SFH Chauffeurs care about your preferences. We operate as a diverse and inclusive team and have both male and female chauffeurs as part of the team to take you in and around London. All chauffeurs have gone through vigorous training to be able to provide you with a high level of service and are able to drive any of the luxury cars. All cars are serviced regularly to ensure they are running properly and your chauffeur can work uninterrupted.

Our Service Level

Our service is available 24/7, 365 days a year throughout London. Book a chauffeur.

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