Chauffeur Driven Tours With A Touch Of Luxury - SFH Chauffeur


A private tour to enjoy the beauties that Great Britain has to offer.

Full Day of Exploring London (8 Hours)
Price: £550 + VAT
Your tour will be completely personalised with the sight that you would most like to want to see or you can leave completely up to your executive account manager to sort out a life time London experience.
Experience Windsor (4 hours)
Price: £400 + VAT
Your tour will begin from your residence or hotel then you’ll be driven to Windsor castle where you will be able experience the stunning castle and views that surround it. Your chauffeur will wait for you while you explore the castle in all its majestic glory.
Experience Stonehenge
Price: POA
Travel between the 3000 BC to 2000 BC and experience the prehistoric monument which is Stonehenge. Being a British cultural icon let SFH chauffeur organise a private luxury chauffeur driven tour for you or a loved one for once in a life-time experience.
Experience Oxford
Price: POA
Private chauffeur driven of Oxford where you’ll experience the prestigious university and glorious Blenheim palace. For a full bespoke chauffeur driven tour contact one of our exeuctive staff whom will be happy to assist you.
Experience Shakespeare in the Cotswold
Price: POA
No visit to the U.K is complete without a tour of Shakespeare county located between Stratford-Upon-Avon, Wellsborne, and the county of Warwick. Shakespeare was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon itself therefore a tour of Cotswold should be a top of your agenda. Your guide will explain all the sights and also the history of William Shakespeare and his life while you’re driven in private chauffeur driven vehicle.
Experience London Shopping (8 Hours)
Price: POA
From Harrods in Knightsbridge to New Bond Street in Mayfair, experience a London shopping day without the stress or worry of transportation, Your private chauffeur will wait for you outside your chosen shops while you can enjoy what London has to offer. Speak to one of our executives whom will be happy to organise this experience for you.
Your Bespoke Experience
Price: POA
Want a Private chauffeur driven in London, Within the U.K or even Europe on your terms? It’s yours! Let one of your executive team know and they will organise what you would expect and beyond. From suggesting different sights to keeping it on your terms, it is completely up to you. Speak to one of the executive customer service team whom are ready to make it work.