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SFH Chauffuers | SFH Chauffeurs - 6 Things to consier when choosing a wedding car and driver

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SFH Chauffeurs - 6 Things to consier when choosing a wedding car and driver

A wedding is defined as a celebration of the union of two hearts, and it’s often associated with extravagance and elegance. Aside from tying the knot with your beloved, it also presents an excellent opportunity to splurge and get the best of the best. See it as treating yourself rather than the chance to just show off to your wedding guests.


One of the critical things that have been integral in the ceremony is the entrance of the bride. When that person walks out of the car’s door and prepares to go down the aisle, it can be a great photo opportunity. It’s the first time they’re ever really seen, and that moment often symbolises the beginning of the wedding itself.


Here are some points that you should contemplate on when choosing a wedding car and driver.


  1. Car Model


Some think that wedding cars are only restricted to limousines, but they can explore their options. Your wedding day means you get to decide what the wedding car model would be. If you’re the type of person who wants to roll up to the ceremony in a luxury car like a Rolls Royce or Ferrari, there’s not anyone to stop you.


  1. Chauffeur


Don’t stop at thinking about the wheels; try to determine who you want behind the wheel. Getting a third-party luxury chauffeur can ensure that all your friends and family don’t have to worry about driving. Plus, with their experience, you can rest easy that there will be no errors, and you’ll receive professional service on your special day.


  1. Aesthetics


When you’ve finally decided on the car style and chauffeur for your wedding, it may be time to think about the other specifics. The car’s colour can be a big decision as it’s likely to get included in your wedding photos upon arrival. Open and closed tops can also be a point of contention regarding whether you want to surprise all the guests when stepping out.


  1. Leisure


The outside of the car is very important, but the inside also has equal weight. With luck from your chauffeur, they should be able to offer you a luxurious selection of distractions as you get antsy on the way to the wedding. Some offer a bit of booze, but if you want to stay sober, the latest edition of your favourite magazine and a cheese platter might work too.


  1. Capacity


The wedding car isn’t solely used for the bride’s transport, but also for the groom. Oftentimes, the father or the maid of honour will be accompanying the bride, too, while the best man is at the right hand of the groom. It can vary depending on the couple to be wedded, so the number of passengers is definitely something that must be considered beforehand.


  1. Schedule


As you’re taking capacity into account, having a schedule of when the bride and groom should arrive, as well as the times when the wedding car would be used, can be a good thing to notify the chauffeur of. That way, there’s less hassle and complications during the day of the wedding.




Being prepared and planning ahead for the big day can be much better rather than winging it on the day itself. Book a reliable wedding car rental and chauffeur service in advance, and remember to communicate every step of the plan for a stress-free entrance in terms of transportation.


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