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Travel Car Service: Luxury Chauffeur vs Ride-Sharing

Travel Car Service: Luxury Chauffeur vs. Ride-Sharing

Due to the rise of demand for transportation, companies have created ways to earn trust and better accommodate commuters, especially for entrepreneurs that regularly travel. Local commuters or those going on international business trips all require either of these two: luxury chauffeur and ride-sharing service. Indeed both are meant to assist clients for a comfortable travel experience, but what differentiates the two of them? 

The two share differences in three aspects. Read on to find out.

  1. Training

While anybody that knows how to take the steering wheel can be a pretty good driver, professional drivers are more highly trained to ensure good client service and safety. Still, ride-sharing drivers receive less strict training before they can qualify for the job.

Meanwhile, a luxury chauffeur needs to have a license, a clean driving record and advanced driving test training. They also need to be a former armed forces member and be able to speak another language.

So while anyone can be a driver, it takes a pro to become a chauffeur.

  1. Client Safety

Due to the nature of their jobs, business travellers require special attention when it comes to safety. As previous members of the armed forces, chauffeurs are trained in combat and can protect their clients from any potential accidents and fraudulent people.

Chauffeurs can monitor flight schedules and will guarantee the complete security of the client as soon as they land and all through their business trip. Meanwhile, the job of ride-sharing drivers is limited to driving and does not really include security. In fact, several complaints have been raised about customer safety in ride-sharing services.

Furthermore, a ride-sharing service is a transportation shared with a random individual, so security is seldom taken into consideration. Safety is only guaranteed as far as the amiable characteristics of the driver and the commuter go.

  1. Service Quality

Ride-sharing services focus on providing convenience to public commuters, so the job is mainly getting customers from point A to point B. For business travellers, this may not be ideal. Business travelling is one profession that requires focus on business and goals, leaving no space for distraction and complications during the trip.

Meanwhile, luxury car chauffeur service thrives on customer satisfaction. Quality is of the utmost importance for chauffeur services, and it is always practised everywhere. They aim to efficiently communicate with the client to ensure comfort and relaxation during the trip. This makes them a perfect choice for business travellers.


These two transportation services have their differences, but they share one goal: to provide convenience in travelling to their clients. Both services also ensure that they meet the needs and demands of every passenger, as customer satisfaction is at the centre of these services.

Choose a reliable service for your next business trip depending on what you need. A ride-share can conveniently get you to your destination. But if you want a relaxing and pleasurable experience all throughout, a luxury chauffeur service may be best for you.

SFH Chauffeurs offers luxury chauffeur car services in London. We redefine luxury travel one ride at a time. Our expert chauffeurs are carefully screened and trained to ensure that you get the best service you paid for. If you want to book a ride, get in touch with us today!

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