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SFH Chauffuers | SFH Chauffeurs - Driver Vs. Chauffeur - Is there a difference?

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SFH Chauffeurs - Driver Vs. Chauffeur - Is there a difference?

If it is your first time needing a car driving service, you might get confused about whether you should hire a driver or a chauffeur. You might even be wondering if they’re the same or, if not, whether their differences matter.


To help clarify things, SFH Chauffeurs is here to tell you the main differences between a driver and a chauffeur:


What Are the Differences Between a Chauffeur and a Driver?


First of all, it should be said–all chauffeurs are drivers, but not all drivers are chauffeurs. What does that mean? Well, these differences will give you an idea.


The Type and Scope of Service They Provide


A driver is anyone sitting behind the wheel who can operate a vehicle and take you from one point to another. Their service includes nothing else other than driving.


On the other hand, a chauffeur’s tasks or duties are more than just driving you to your destination.


Chauffeurs are professionals who take great pride in providing driving and assistance in a sophisticated and safe manner. From the point when you get into the car to opening your door when you hop off (and even carrying your luggage for you), you get nothing less than a luxurious and professional service from a chauffeur.


A driver will most likely choose the fastest way to take you to where you need to be, whether or not the roads to be taken are good or not. In contrast, a chauffeur would be delighted to drive you through scenic routes if you prefer. They could also wait for you until you finish an event or meeting and drive you to other places.


The Quality of Service


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a chauffeur that is anything less than professional. In fact, it is standard among chauffeurs to be calm, polite and courteous at all times. They honour the privacy of their clients. They also uphold values like punctuality, trustworthiness and

discretion. You can trust that anything said in the backseat of the vehicle remains there.


The Kind of Training They Go Through


Often, when someone applies for a driver’s job, all the requirements they need to fulfil are that they are 21 years old (or 18, depending on the country), can drive a four-wheel vehicle, are insured and have a driver’s license. That means anyone who can secure a license can be a driver.


While there are no educational requirements for a chauffeur, the chauffeur service company can set requirements like minimum age, a spotless driving and criminal record, no history of accidents and a chauffeur’s license.


Most of the time, upon getting hired, chauffeurs undergo training courses where they learn things like:


  • Road laws and regulations
  • Traffic patterns
  • Basic vehicle repair solutions
  • Driving protocols under extreme conditions
  • Chauffeur etiquette and customer service
  • Important landmarks in the city and nearby areas
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Proper maintenance of the vehicle
  • Limousine driving


The Way They Dress


You cannot expect regular drivers to be formal with the way they dress. It is not uncommon to find drivers in just shorts and t-shirts. They don’t pay that much attention to the way they look because their focus is on getting as many passengers in a day as possible and being comfortable while they drive all day.


Chauffeurs, in contrast, are required to look well-groomed and polished at all times. They are often clad in a suit or tuxedo, a dress shirt and leather shoes. Some even wear gloves and a hat.


The Vehicles They Drive


Drivers often use mass-produced vehicles, and they’re not even required to perform regular maintenance, so really, there’s nothing much you can do if it happens that you encounter a problem with the car while travelling.


On the other hand, professional chauffeurs often drive limousines, executive vans, and luxury sedans, giving the passenger that feeling of luxury while travelling. Those vehicles are equipped with features like TV screens, Wi-Fi and even a minibar. To say that it’s going to be a comfortable ride is an understatement.




It’s easy to think that the differences between drivers and chauffeurs are negligible, but really, the two are miles apart. When it comes to the quality of service, the level of professionalism, the appearance, the vehicles used and more, a chauffeur service is obviously the more superior choice.


If you are in need of a premium car driving service with only the best and most reliable chauffeurs, trust only SFH Chauffeurs. Our highly professional chauffeurs can take you wherever you need to go in London and nearby cities and ensure that you have the most luxurious and safe experience. Contact us today to know more about our services!