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SFH Chaffeurs - What Makes Chauffeurs Services Different From Hailing Cabs_

To most people, getting from one point to another is a daily task that can be done in different ways, thanks to how transportation has evolved over the past few decades.


Currently, your idea of getting to any place that is a considerable distance away from home may fall along the lines of walking out your door, starting your car, and driving to your destination. While it is definitely a step-up from biking, walking, or taking the bus, the problem with driving around is that it can be quite exhausting.


At this point, you’ve probably been feeling the level of tiredness that is only associated with spending hours upon hours in the London’s congested roads. With each moment that you spend behind the wheel growing increasingly tiring as the days, months, and years go by, there will come a point where the thought of having someone else drive makes for an idea worth considering.


And this is where the opportunity to hire a chauffeur service comes in. But what makes it different from a cab?


How is a chauffeur service different from hailing a cab?


When the idea of having someone else drive you around comes to mind, you’re most likely going to think that it’s an experience that you can enjoy by simply hailing a cab.


Admittedly, this is the same thought that many others in the UK have because they believe that there isn’t much of a difference between the two. However, this incorrect inference blinds many from the fact that there is an abundance of reasons anyone should consider getting a chauffeur service because of how it differs.


To best understand why you should look into getting a chauffeur service if you want someone else to drive you around, here are some important ways it differs from a cab (and why it stands as a better option):


They provide a unique experience


Experiencing a chauffeur service at least once will be more than enough to show you why people choose to stick with such an option in the first place.


Compared to regular cabbies that don’t go beyond picking up, having some small chit-chat, and dropping off as their means of customer service, the service in question places a premium on providing an exceptional experience. For instance, when you enlist the services of SFH Chauffeurs for the day, your unique needs and any additional requests that you may have will be taken care of through our customised services!


They are highly knowledgeable


Although London cab drivers are very knowledgeable because they have to memorise 25,000 streets along with 320 routes within six miles of Charing Cross, this knowledge starts where it ends. When you leave your transportation needs in the hands of a professional chauffeur, you’ll have someone that is much more knowledgeable anywhere you go so that you’ll always be on the fastest routes with minimal traffic!


They are much more cost-effective


Yes, hiring the services of a chauffeur is surprisingly cheaper than getting a cab whenever you decide to let someone else drive you around for the day.


However, don’t let the fact that these services exude sophistication and use luxury cars and employ drivers that wear uniforms fool you. The fact of the matter is that they’re much more cost-effective when you look at the numbers. Unlike cabbies that will charge you based on a metre that can quickly add up to an eye-watering amount, chauffeur services follow a fixed rate per day regardless of where you go or how many stops you make!




As your days spent driving on the road become even more tiring to deal with, it will soon become even clearer that you’ll have to let someone else drive you around from time to time. Although hiring a cabbie may seem like the best idea that will work when you want some days where you won’t have to be behind the wheel, hiring a chauffeur instead is definitely the way to go!


SFH Chauffeurs provides excellent chauffeur car services in London that are perfect for days where you don't want to drive. Get in touch with us today to schedule an executive car service at your earliest convenience!