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SFH Chauffeurs - When Is the Best Time for Tourists to Travel to London

Despite earning a reputation as a continuously wet city, London remains the most popular destination for tourists. Additionally, you will be thankful to learn that its issue with the weather is a mere myth.


Summer and winter vacations draw the most tourists, both local and international. Vacation season is always busier, but this is true for all classic tourist destinations. You can evade the crowds by touring during the off-seasons of January to April and September to November.


Despite its occasionally gloomy weather, London is the UK's driest metropolis. Summer in London lasts from June through August. The temperature rarely rises over 20 degrees Celsius, making it an excellent time to explore the city. Summer brings nice weather, music festivals, outdoor movies, and various fun outdoor activities.


Spring weather may be moderate yet wet, and Easter weekend brings closures and celebrations to be mindful of. In addition, Christmas in London is a must, followed by great New Year's Eve celebrations and, of course, January discounts.


Let's look at these seasons in detail, and see what travel options you can book in your itinerary.


1. Winter (December - February)


The most crucial thing about visiting during the winter months is fewer daylight hours, so plan your sightseeing for the day and dress accordingly. Also, remember that winter coat check at most major attractions is available, and some even sell raincoats.


The average low is below 3 degrees Celsius for winter, while the highs never go above 10 degrees Celsius.


London is cold, snowy, and has lots of holiday celebrations in January and February. The New Year's Eve fireworks alone attract over 100,000 people to the River Thames.


2. Spring (March to May)


Spring begins in March, and the weather starts to get warmer. With the weather, spring brings the city's famous annual building festival: the Open House Weekend.


This weekend takes place in September, and it is a chance for you to visit some of London's most remarkable buildings. Tours of these buildings are free, and there are over 2000 buildings that are part of this event.


The average high in April and May is 15 degrees Celsius, while the lows are 4 degrees Celsius. March and April end to winter, but there may still be some snow.


3. Summer (June to July)


London weather in the summer months is mild. The average high is 20 degrees Celsius, while the average low is 10 degrees Celsius. June and July see the stop of the daily rain, so the summer is a lovely time to visit.


A few annual events happen in July, such as Wimbledon and the Pride Parade. August is the Notting Hill Carnival (one of the largest street festivals in Europe), which draws up to one million people.


4. Autumn (September - November)


Autumn is deemed to be one of the best times to visit London. The temperature will be between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, while the winter months will see this to be milder.


Some of the events you can enjoy in autumn include London Fashion Week and The Portobello Road Antique Fair. As the temperature drops, you can see the parks and flower beds display orange, yellow, red, and green colors.




The best time to visit London is any time of year. It can be a hectic experience, but it is a truly unforgettable one. That is why it’s vital to find the best solution to go from one place to the next. Thankfully, your holiday trip can be much easier with the right chauffeur service by your side.


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