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SFH Chauffeurs - What Is the Difference Between a Driver and Chauffeur Service

So, you're sick of the daily grind of having to drive yourself to work or taking public transport. It's an understandable predicament to find oneself in, especially if you travel on the road a lot for meetings and other events.


In this case, you are likely choosing between getting a driver or a chauffeur service. You might be wondering what the difference between the two really is. We break it down below so you can make a more informed decision.


What Does a Driver Do?


A driver is someone who drives the vehicle. They do not always stay with you the entire time and typically offer ground transportation.


As the name itself implies, you can likely expect a driver to purely provide a car driving service. Their goal is to get you to and from your destinations in the most efficient route possible.


Depending on the exact service you get, you will likely have to provide the vehicle or rent their services along with a temporary ride. It should be noted that this service is different from permanent roles, wherein you hire a personal driver to consistently drive your vehicle. In the latter case, you will have to provide a salary and food and gas budget every day.


What Does a Chauffeur Service Have?


A lot of people think chauffeur is simply a fancier term for a driver, but this designation actually comes with specialised training and licensing. This means you get more out of a chauffeur service than the services of a driver.


A chauffeur service is someone trained to drive a luxury vehicle and can provide you with some assistance to a certain extent. For example, chauffeurs can be expected to help with bags and grab you a drink for when you want to get picked up.


Additionally, certain chauffeurs are even trained to clean the vehicle, protect you, and be well-versed in basic first aid. Because they usually serve elite clients, they have strict guidelines to follow and have distinctive conduct. Some services come with valet perks if you use your own vehicle.


Which One Is the Better Choice?


This is more of a matter of preference and need. A chauffeur service is a more specialised service that will provide you with more than just a driver. However, they will usually cost more than a driver's service.


Do you need assistance when you are out and about? Would you prefer to ride in a luxury vehicle? These are just some of the considerations you need to make.


Drivers are likely quicker to book and will work perfectly fine for short trips and straightforward needs. If you're set on a busy day and prefer more amenities with your day, however, then a chauffeur may be the way to go.


The best way to figure out which choice to make is to take into account what you need on a day-to-day basis. Think about your specific situation and consider what service matches what you are looking for.




In conclusion, the difference between a driver and a chauffeur service is more nuanced than you might think. The former is a more common service that only drives the vehicle, while the latter is more specialised with certain perks.


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