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SFH Chauffeurs - Drivers vs Chauffeurs In What Ways Are They Different

Drivers vs. Chauffeurs: In What Ways Are They Different?

Thinking that a driver is the same as a chauffeur, or the other way around, is a common misconception by those unfamiliar with their duties.

While both a driver and a chauffeur are behind the wheel and taking clients to their destinations, the two professionals have apparent differences in their service. So before you book a service from a professional driver or a corporate chauffeur, it’s best to understand the things that separate them from each other:

  • Main Services

A professional driver’s only duty is to take you to your destination. Simply put, they drive you from point A to point B. Meanwhile, driving is only one of the many duties of a chauffeur.

The latter provides a broader range of services, including serving your every need, booking reservations, fetching items for trips or from shops, getting flowers, picking up dry cleaning and more. 

Chauffeurs primarily serve clients by running errands and accepting client requests as long as they are within the bounds of the law.

  • Training

The only main requirement for being a driver is knowing how to drive any vehicle, but chauffeurs usually undergo special training. Since chauffeurs are expected to serve clients in more ways than one, they are subjected to a strict screening process.

In addition, chauffeur companies require applicants to complete etiquette training courses and additional driver training to prepare them for any situation. That includes simple things like changing a flat tire to slightly risky scenarios like driving in extreme weather conditions.

  • Vehicles

A driver usually drives both standard and luxury vehicles, and passengers can choose which one they want to be transported in.

On the other hand, a chauffeur usually drives a luxury vehicle, an executive van, or a limousine to exude professionalism, comfort and confidential services, which is very important in their profession.

  • Uniform

You can easily distinguish between a driver and a chauffeur by looking at their uniforms. A driver usually wears a standard uniform like a shirt or a jacket with their company logo, then slacks and polished shoes. Sometimes, they may also wear a standard suit.

Chauffeurs, on the other hand, are trained to look highly polished, well-groomed and dressed in dark suits or tuxedos. They may also wear a dress shirt, tie, gloves and dress shoes. Additionally, some of them may sport a hat or an overcoat during the colder winter months.


A driver generally has limited duties, whereas a chauffeur does more than driving. The latter has an advantage when clients need someone to help them explore a different city or an unfamiliar country.

Moreover, chauffeurs are trained to provide superior care and customer service. They are ready to take care of you as you are transported from one place to another. In addition, you can contact them via phonel, email, or through the office.

SFH Chauffeurs redefines luxury travel as a service-oriented luxury chauffeur service in Central London. We offer chauffeur-driven tours, airport transfers, weddings and corporate chauffeur services, on top of a selection of luxury vehicles to choose from! Our professional chauffeurs will take care of you and ensure that you have an excellent experience from your pickup location to your destination. Contact us today to book a service!



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