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SFH Chauffuers | SFH Chauffeurs - 7 Characteristics That Good Chauffeurs Have in Common

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SFH Chauffeurs - 7 Characteristics That Good Chauffeurs Have in Common

Being an excellent chauffeur is so much more than merely being a good driver. For starters, providing the best experience to customers should be a consideration.


Whether you've booked a luxury car for a special occasion or a comfortable car for business travel, you'll need to have high expectations of your driver.


Here are the top seven characteristics that excellent chauffeurs have in common you need to look for:


  1. A Good Chauffeur Is Always Early – Never Late!


A good chauffeur knows that punctuality is an essential part of the job. Punctuality you can rely on is the base to have a successful business.


You'll be depending on your chauffeur to show up on time, so they know that you're expecting them on the dot! They don't forget to inform passengers about exact pick-up times and location.


  1. A Good Chauffeur Knows How to Communicate


A good chauffeur is fluent in English and knows the local language. They communicate directly with the client and accurately convey messages between clients and their superiors or clients and locals.


Moreover, they actively listen to the clients and quickly adapt their driving accordingly.


  1. A Good Chauffeur is a Great Driver


A good chauffeur picks up passengers without causing an alarm, parks in an appropriate location, and avoids obstacles or damage to the car. They do it quickly and effectively without making the clients feel rushed.


  1. A Good Chauffeur Is Punctual, Polite, and Professional


A good chauffeur attends to customers in a timely and courteous manner and has an excellent sense of time and place. They are professional in their appearance and behaviour and use common sense.


  1. A Good Chauffeur Is Trustworthy


There's nothing more important than trust. An excellent chauffeur is someone you can trust implicitly. They are punctual, knowledgeable and professional at all times. They even try to get to know your likes and dislikes and adapt to them.


In addition, they adapt to different terrains and climates and work independently. A good chauffeur has a firm foundation in the basics of driving and a solid knowledge of their city.


  1. A Good Chauffeur Is Meticulous


As the saying goes, good first impressions are everything. A good chauffeur brings repeat clients because they are dependable and accommodate different personalities.


They maintain a clean, tidy and well-kept car before and after use and keep the car's exterior in good condition.


  1. A Good Chauffeur is an Expert Guide


An excellent chauffeur is also an expert guide! They can navigate through the city and know what is happening around them.


Moreover, they give excellent recommendations for various city destinations and approximately how long the drive will take. They keep track of the traffic and other obstacles that can cause any delay.


Your chauffeur should also know where to go when everything else fails and how to get there.


All in all, a good chauffeur should know about all the various places in the city. They need to guess where you want to go and how to get you there. Lastly, they should also get you to the place on time and accommodate any last-minute changes.




When you book a chauffeur, don't just look at the price. It is good to go for one that is proactive, mature and honest. Be sure to check the quality of their service and get feedback from previous customers. Going on vacation, an important business trip, or celebrating something in style, you'd want a chauffeur who can take the worry off of driving and getting around your destination. So, get a good one on your next booking.


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