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SFH Chauffuers | SFH Chauffeurs - 5 Factors to Consider in Hiring the Best Chauffeur Service

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SFH Chauffeurs - 5 Factors to Consider in Hiring the Best Chauffeur Service

As more people in Central London prefer taking chauffeured car services to go around the area, more companies offer the solution to willing clients. Regardless of the reason, either for personal or business use, hiring a chauffeur is a decision concerning the client’s safety. Therefore, how do you choose the chauffeur or the chauffeur service to take?


Keep reading below to find out what to consider when selecting chauffeur services you know you can rely on to provide you with everything you need to have a comfortable and stress-free trip.

1. Presentation

Looks matter—especially for a profession that requires appearing presentable, clean, and neat. Chauffeurs do not only drive other people in vehicles. Instead, they are also a representation of the company. They should look the part and wear only the best clothes fit for the job.

“Looking the part” doesn’t have to be expensive. However, dressing smart should be a custom to all chauffeurs for them to book more jobs. On top of that, keeping other things neat like their hair should be a common practice for every secured position. As long as chauffeurs present themselves well, people will expect pleasant rides and an excellent overall experience.

2. Social Etiquette

Chauffeurs must know how to handle clients, no matter how difficult they may be. Most of the time, people will exhibit silent gestures like body language or verbalise their feelings. They should understand that not every client is the same and may need to adjust depending on who they provide services to.

A good chauffeur must be a capable communicator who understands simple cues to adapt well in a setting they’re unfamiliar with. By learning the ropes of driving people around, they should earn more praise and recommendations for the following clients to come.

3. Safety Certification

As part of their job, chauffeurs should be certified, licensed, and trained for the practical knowledge of driving on the road. Although they come from agencies that put clients’ security first, they should prove themselves as excellent drivers who can protect whoever is in their car.

Delays are a significant issue in the industry, which companies must avoid to ensure that the clients stay on time for a trip or a social event they need to attend. Moreover, they must strive to follow a strict itinerary and make sure nothing inhibits the time frame allotted for the day.

4. Background Experience

Experience comes from years of service and learning every day on the job. If you’d prefer a more seamless transaction, make sure to hire a chauffeur with ample experience in the role. Those with more than five years worth of experience under their belt are usually the type of people easy to work with.

Going for someone inexperienced may also be an excellent choice overall. However, be on the lookout for specific behaviours that they could still improve. After the work, leave feedback for the chauffeur to learn from, making them better at their job for their next clients.

5. Customer Reviews

The best way to learn about a chauffeur service is to look them up online. Some companies allow customers to leave a review on their website about the experience they had with their employees. Based on the feedback of past customers, you’ll know which companies are good at the service and those that are not.


Choosing which chauffeur to drive you around town is a difficult decision to make. However, it depends on your preferences and what you expect from the service they can provide. For some, it might not be a big deal. They don’t have to screen the people who will drive for them. But others may feel it necessary to check who they’re working with. Overall, chauffeurs always strive to provide the best service possible, no matter who they’re driving for.

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